The Favor of GOD 
Goes Before Me, 
The Favor of GOD 
is Upon Me!
Senior Pastor: 
Bishop Perry Thompson
 Founder: The Late Bishop Wm. D. Madison, Sr. B.Th, M. Th,D.D.


Youth Pastor ELDER Jonathan Miller
Min. of Music: ELDER David Hood

Wednesday NOON - Prayer
Wednesday Night - 6pm Music Rehearse
Bible Study

Friday Night - Youth Service

Sun. Sch. 1st,3rd & 5th 
1st, 3rd, 4th & 5th  
11am & 4pm
2nd Sun. -Worship
 9 &11am only
 (4th Sun. @ 9:30am)


Freedom Chapel Int'l C.C.   

                                       " blood all nations of men..." Acts 17:26





" My brother came to Maryland on July 5th 2014 to celebrate his Sixty-fifth birthday. He had recently received a diagnosis of prostate cancer from his Doctor. I told him to come by my church for prayer before he returned home to North Carolina. GOD is an awesome GOD. This was the first time my brother visited Freedom Chapel International Christian Center. My brother was moved to tears, through the preaching of our Guest Speaker Bishop James Cuffee from Monrovia, Liberia, West Africa on July 6, 2014. When the call came for prayer he tearfully went up to the front to receive prayer. My brother has always been a man that loved to pray and praise God. GOD loves praises. My brother began to praise GOD with his mouth, "Thank you JESUS, Thank you JESUS" over and over again. The presence of GOD immediately responded to his praise. He was so engulfed by the presence of GOD, that he slid from his chair onto the floor on his back. "My GOD showed up while he was on the floor still "THANKING HIM". My brother began to speak in "Tongues". He couldn't stop praising GOD. He praised GOD while getting ready to get baptized and he praised GOD before he went down in the water in JESUS Name. He was still praising GOD when he came up out of the water. My brother had a Pentecost experience at my church that day. He was so high in the Spirit he had to sit in his car about half an hour to get his self together to drive. My brother went back to his Doctor for more tests. You already know the answer. "By His Stripes" my brother was HEALED. Yes, my brother is still having HOLY GHOST Fits. Mildred


On 3/25/15 I was visiting a friend at work. I got into the car and looked to see a lady standing beside my car. I did not know where she came from because my friend pulled off just a second earlier. The lady asked if she could get a ride. I don't usually give rides BUT as I was getting ready to say no I started to open the passenger door and ended up saying "I am not going in that direction but I will give you a ride." I was shocked that I did that! As we are driving she is trying to tell me her ankle and her knee hurts but she was Ethiopian and could not find the right words. Thankfully I knew a little Amharic (Ethiopian language). I told her that we can pray for healing when we stop. She was so excited, she exclaimed "You will pray for ME?!" I laughed and said yes. At this time I felt the opportunity to ask if she knew Jesus and if she was saved. She responded yes to both. I asked her if she was filled with the Holy Spirit? and she started to cry and say in broken english "No, I pray and pray and wait for Holy Spirit and it never come. I want Holy Spirit please teach me how to make it come." By this time we are at a light on a street in downtown DC, but GOD told me to stop where I was and pray for her. I was nervous because the voice said to touch her knee and her ankle. I asked GOD if he was sure, and the voice came again and said to do as instructed. I did so and felt the spirit of the Lord upon me. The lady started to cry and praise GOD. My hand got really hot when I touched her. I had doubt come in and rebuked the Devil and continued my prayer for the lady. The heat I felt was the same heat I felt when Pastor Thompson healed my arm and Pastor Laster healed my back of back pain. I knew it was GOD! After I prayed for her she gave me a hug and said I was her angel and she asked for my number so we can keep in touch and I gave her mine. When she left out of my car she still had a slight limp but as I watched her walk away she began to walk better and better. My GOD is Awesome! I told her before she left how to ask GOD to come into her heart and fill her with the HOLY GHOST. I said pray without ceasing and when you pray listen for GOD to speak back to you. I believe that she was sent to me for a reason and I to her. GOD Bless!"


"In 1995, I worked at a job that required me to work on Sunday. And every week others with less seniority, didn't have to work and/or got Sundays off. I was fed up, I walked around my work area 7 times, as I prayed and confessed that enough is enough. I don't want to miss another Sunday or have to leave early to be at work. I applied for a job at PEPCO, and in one day I got the job.  I've bee working there for over 20 years. Praise God!"

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